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Polk Ultrafocus 8000 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

Polk Ultrafocus 800
Polk Audio Ultrafocus 8000 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Item #: Ultrafocus 8000
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    Though a bit bulky for a travel headphone, the Ultrafocus 8000 is packed full of features and technology and features a sensational sound that's greatest strength is in the low end of the spectrum.

    One of our favorite features of this headphone is the smart sensing of exterior noise levels actually changes the frequency response of UltraFocus headphones, tuning out disruptions and tuning in better headphone performance. 
    UltraFocus 8000 is engineered like no other headphone. Using both passive and active noise canceling technologies, and taking advantage of Polk's 40 years of patented audio innovations, UltraFocus 8000 headphones concentrate your attention on your music, screening out exterior interruptions. They boost your listening experience right out of your head with expansive dynamic response, deep bass effects, and one of the widest "soundstages" of any headphone today.

    By incorporating the noise cancellation algorithm into the tuning of the drivers, Polk engineers compensated for the usual compromises that ANC forces on headphone performance. Now, with Polk's exclusive Optimized Active Tuning working in tandem with the ANC technology, achieving up to 15dB of noise cancellation, up to 3kHz, the UltraFocus 8000 zeros in on clear, detailed headphone performance, with no distractions
    Technical Data
    Type: Active noise cancelling
    Driver Diameter: 40 mm
    Frequency Response: 8 - 28,000 Hz
    Max Sensitivity: 110 dB
    Minimum Impendance: 32 ohms
    Battery AAA
    Battery Life 50 to 60 hours with normal ANC usage. Easy to see blinking low battery indicator. (Two AAA batteries included.)
    Weight: 8.9 oz without cable and battery
    Cable: 55 inch cable
    Connector: Gold Plated 3.5mm (1/8")
    Accessory Included: Airline Adaptor (-10db), Skype® Adaptor, Nokia® Adaptor, 1/8" Female to 1/4" Adaptor
    Warranty 1 Year (Parts and Labor)

    • Ultra-high performance sound in a headphone, with focused details, full fidelity and deep bass.
    • Battery-assisted Active Noise Canceling technology eliminates the distractions of the outside world (two AAA batteries included).
    • Polk's exclusive Optimized Active Tuning takes advantage of ANC technology to improve the overall performance dynamics of UltraFocus headphones, significantly raising the bar for headphone performance (these headphones sound... incredible!).
    • Smart sensing of exterior noise levels actually changes the frequency response of UltraFocus headphones, tuning out disruptions and tuning in better headphone performance. Polk ANC technology is capable of up to 15dB of extraneous noise cancellation!
    • The Passive Isolation technology of the padded on-ear design comfortably surrounds each ear to naturally minimize outside distractions.
    • Superior materials technology, including durable stainless steel, lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber, and virtually maintenance free padding, for years of extraordinary performance on the go, anywhere.
    • Active Dynamic Balance driver of lightweight, durable PET material, in a sealed micro-enclosure, tuned and fitted to eliminate resonances with optimized damping. Active Dynamic Balance technology is an exclusive combination of active noise cancelling and our patented Dynamic Balance material tuning process.
    • Easy to reach, easy to use on-ear Apple Microphone & Audio Control Buttons include "control Braille" tactile indicators and are engineered to avoid inadvertent engagement, for on-the-fly audio and phone control without breaking your stride.
    • Push-To-Hear Ambient Control in the UltraFocus 8000 model instantly mutes headphone audio and amplifies exterior human voice frequencies, so you can interact with the outside world without removing your headphones.
    • Removable 55 inch Ultra-flexible tangle-free planar audio cable eliminates cable tangle.
    • Single cable connection simplicity: One cable, rather than two, connects directly to the UltraFocus 8000 headset. One detachable cable connection means less tangle, less hassle. One detachable cable connection means it's easier to stand up and stride around the cabin in-flight. One detachable cable connection means you don't have to replace your headset should the cable fail. (Don't worry: we've designed it not to.)
    • StrainGuard™ Kevlar core technology and gold-plated connectors, and computer-designed transitional connections, eliminate the concept of cable failure.
    • Pefect Fit Headband is "tuned" to eliminate pressure points and soften its comfortable, secure fit.
    • Gold-plated 3.5mm connector is designed to fit through the opening on all i-gadget cases.
    • Extra-long battery life: 40 to 60 hours with normal ANC usage. Easy to see blinking low battery indicator. (Two AAA batteries included.) 
    • Includes Skype Adaptor, Home Audio Receiver Adaptor, Airplane Adaptor with specially designed attenuator to optimize airline system performance. Convenient carrying case included.

    • Polk Audio Ultrafocus 8000 Headphones
    • detachable headphone cord with in-line mic and miniplug connectors
    • full-size headphone (1/4") and twin-plug airline system adapters
    • protective carrying case and shirt clip
    • two "AAA" batteries
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