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AKG K551

AKG K551
The remarkable AKG K551 Closed Back Headphone
AKG K551
AKGK551 Swivel
AKG K551 - K551SLV
K551 Phone Contro
Item #: K551SLV
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    Essentially the same headphone as the K550, but with a microphone.

    AKG® engineers have optimized the K551 headphones for a fully immersive listening experience. Starting with a 1-31/32-inch (50-millimeter) driver on each ear, these reference-class headsets use Real Image Engineering to create a highly realistic sound environment with a true sense of three-dimensional space. Stylish and portable, the K551s let you take AKG studio-quality sound with you go wherever you go.

    The lightweight, comfortable K551s have impressive passive noise reduction and extremely low sound-leakage levels. So you can stay blissfully inside your sound environment for hours on end.

    Two 1-31/32-inch (50-millimeter) drivers, the largest in the AKG product line, produce powerful, detailed sound from portable devices and home audio systems alike. The K551s’ closed-back design offers enhanced passive noise reduction and extremely low sound-leakage levels.  With large ear cups and a lightweight headband, the stylish and portable K551s provide hours of comfortable, continuous listening and let you take AKG studio-quality sound with you wherever you go. And when you’re not using the headphones, a 2D-axis fold-flat mechanism makes them easy to store or transport. The headphones’ classic, sophisticated design proves that this impressive headset isn’t engineered only for the ears.

    Your private, immersive sound environment awaits.

    • around-the-ear, closed-back design
    • large cushioned earcups and adjustable headband
    • large 50mm drivers for a realistic soundstage and powerful sound
    • 3-button in-line remote for music and volume control of iPhone®, iPod® and iPad®
    • built-in microphone for taking calls on iPhone
    • 2D-Axis fold-flat design for easier storage and transportation
    • 4-foot single-sided cord with miniplug
    • frequency response: 12-28,000 Hz
    • sensitivity: 114 dB
    • impedance: 32 ohms

    For over 65 years, AKG Acoustics has been the leader in creating studio sound in headphones. We hold over 1,400 patents for our groundbreaking products, plus two technical GRAMMY® Awards (in 2010 and 2005) for sound innovation.

    1-31/32" (50MM) DRIVERS

    Powerful 1-31/32-inch (50-millimeter) drivers enable K551 reference-class headphones to do things that other headphones can only imagine. Music is rich and layered, while sound environments seemingly unfold before you no matter how loud you turn up the volume.


    Real Image Engineering is the science that fits an actual soundstage inside the space between your ears and the K551 headphones. With Real Image Engineering, sounds are huge and accurate, with an incredibly realistic sense of width, distance and depth.


    Traffic is loud. Subways are loud. Other people’s phone calls are loud – and annoying. But you may never know it, because K551 headphones offer effective sound insulation. Premium foam ear pads wrapped in soft leather help create an acoustic seal, so all you hear is the music you love.


    The K551 reference-class headset keeps music in and noise out. Its closed-back design helps prevent outside noise from entering your ears and minimizes sound leakage. So your music is yours and yours alone to enjoy anywhere you go.


    K551 headphones have an in-line microphone so that you can make calls that are every bit as crisp and noise-free as the music you listen to on your iPhone. The mic is ideal for FaceTime and Skype™ applications, and virtually any app requiring a microphone. The headphones’ three-button remote lets you control the playback functions and volume from iPhone and iPad devices, as well as Apple laptops and desktop computers.


    Great music doesn’t go out of style, and neither will the K551s. These reference-class headphones are sleek and sophisticated, with a commanding yet minimalist design that is available in either white or black and silver.


    Though you may never want to, you will take your K551 headphones off at some point. When you do, the K551s fold flat for simple, worry-free storing and transporting. High-quality, metal-alloy material keeps the folding mechanism strong and durable.

    Following are reviews from both independent expert websites and our customers.  We hope that they are helpful...

    Expert Reviews..
    Note:  The following reviews that are cited are for the AKG K550 which is the same headphone, sans microphone

    "Marketing-speak notwithstanding, I have to say AKG has indeed produced a sealed headphone with the performance usually found only in open headphone designs. This is the best sounding truly sealed headphone I've heard to date."
    -Inner Fidelity

    "Rousingly musical headphones with no obvious deficiencies"
    - What HiFi

    Customer Reviews....

    • Over-the-ear headphones (with attached audio cable terminated by a male 3.5mm connector)
    • 1/4" Adapter (installed)
    • "Important!" note
    • "Attention!" booklet
    • Warranty Card
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