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Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in White

Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in White
Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in White
Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in White
Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in White
Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in White
Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones in White
Item #: Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500SR
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    The Denon Globe Cruiser Active Noise Cancelling Wireless headphone is the ultimate in portability. Perfect for travel and life on the go with active noise cancelling to cut out ambient noise and wireless technology that allows you to control your music at your fingertips.
    Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones have been professionally tuned to provide the purest acoustics no matter what genre of music you listen to. They have an integrated amplifier to provide superior performance and feature a 10 hour rechargeable battery. When the battery runs out, connect the detachable audio cable (included) to continue your audio enjoyment or simply re-charge the battery.

    Subtle Noise Cancelling eliminates the annoyances, but allows for conversation: When you’re trying to concentrate on a plane or train, sometimes the most annoying thing is the drone of the plane engine or the train on the tracks that keeps you from concentrating. The AH-NCW500SR headphones feature subtle active noise cancellation circuitry to actively block out external noise while allowing you to hear emergency announcements or converse with other passengers.

    Wireless, so you can move smoothly through the most crowded transit station: Tired of your traditional wired travel headphones restricting your movement? Denon’s Globe Cruiser line of Headphones include wireless Bluetooth® 3.0 connectivity models, so you can navigate through busy terminals, train stations, or anywhere you need to go without getting yourself or your luggage tangled up in cable. Better yet, Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones include both aptX and AAC decoding to provide CD quality audio over the Bluetooth wireless connection.

    Wired capability, for when wireless is not allowed: Your enjoyment of music doesn’t have to stop when you board the plane and the flight attendant tells you to turn off all wireless devices. The Denon Globe Cruiser AH-W200 In-Ear headphones feature a detachable audio cable connection, located under the right ear cup, and ship with an audio cable for when wireless listening is not allowed.

    Denon’s Patent-Pending Control Wheel Provides for Wireless Control, so you can keep your smartphone in your pocket, purse or briefcase: To make wireless audio even more convenient, incorporated wireless control of your smart phone with the very intuitive Denon control wheel, which mimics the operation of a conventional rotary control. To turn the volume up, simply rotate the Right control wheel gently towards the front of your face. Volume down? Rotate the Right control wheel to the rear. Press the center of the right control wheel to play / pause the music, and the center of the left control wheel when you answer a telephone call. The Globe Cruiser On-Ear Headphones also feature microphones for talk right in the ear cup. No need to fumble with your smartphone while cruising the airport.

    So comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing them: We know a great pair of headphones is much more about sound and function. It’s also about fit. In a quest to provide the most comfortable, best fitting travel headphones, Denon’s engineers have studied over 4,000 pairs of ears from people around the world, to come up with a design that automatically accounts for the subtle differences in ear shape, placement, ear canal size, head size and jaw depression. We know that fit and comfort comes from paying attention to the small details. Denon’s patent-pending Pentagonally-shaped memory foam ear pads provide the ultimate in comfort for long trips, while our 2-axis ear cup design and adjustable headband provide for a perfect, custom fit.

    Pack Light: Better yet, Denon Globe Cruiser models are exceptionally portable so you can pack light. The AH-NCW500SR is engineered to fold flat into its protein leather carrying case (which is about the size of an iPad™). The case also features a detachable Karabiner so you can opt to hook the case onto your briefcase or purse instead of taking up valuable space inside your bag. Other accessories included are detachable audio cable (for those times when wireless listening is not allowed), USB micro charging cable (for charging the battery), and airline adapter.

    Denon’s Travel App, for iPhone, iPad or Android, enhances your trip. Enhance your travel experience with the Denon Travel smartphone application, available on iOS or Android® platforms. This travel application allows you to create custom playlists on the fly; create, store, and share custom EQ curves; enjoy over 50,000 internet radio stations worldwide via TuneIn® Internet Radio; automatically update your Facebook/twitter status; and aggregate all of your common travel applications for easy access so you don’t have to spend your time scrolling through pages of applications to find them.
    • Type: On-Ear Headphones Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Connectivity Active Analog Noise Cancelling 
    • Integrated amplifierDriver Size: 40 mm 
    • Driver Type: Dynamic 
    • Impedance: 100oHms (power on) 
    • Sensitivity: 112 dB/mW 
    • Maximum power input: 1000mW 
    • Frequency Response: 5~ 37,000 Hz 
    • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 Additional audio codecs supported (decoding) aptX, AAC 
    • Ear Hanger Glass Fiber Reinforced Mold 
    • Headband Adjustable slider covered in Protein Leather Ear pads
    • Denon’s patent-pending pentagonally shaped Memory Foam Ear pads, covered in Protein Leather 
    • Detachable Cable Connection (R earcup)
    • Battery Type: Li-Polymer Rechargeable 
    • Lifespan: 10 hours
    • Pair of Globe Cruiser headphones
    • USB Micro cable (for charging battery)
    • 3 foot long optional audio cable
    • Airline adapter
    • Embossed Protein Leather Carrying case
    • Detachable Karabiner (for carrying case)